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Related post: Date: Sun, lollitas preteen 27 Oct 2002 16:40:07 -0800 (PST) From: JP Schoenfeld Subject: Redden Takes A New York RangerDisclaimer: The following is a work of fiction, not of fact. The players and teams nasty preteen girls mentioned are real, but the story does not imply the sexuality of any of the players mentioned.=====Wade Redden stared at the instant message on his computer screen and couldn't believe his eyes.Message ukrain preteen sex (Lundy26NYR to wredden6) / Wanna fuck a Ranger?Hey Reds! Got your messenger address from one of virgin tiny preteen your friends. You guys are in NY for a game next young legal preteen week, and I've heard about your "locker room games" with Phillips. So you like western boys, eh? Well, I'd like to preteens 13 porn see for myself pedo preteens modesl if the stories I've heard are true. I've already checked, you preteen nn preteen guys get into NY the afternoon before; why don't you come over to my condo for a nightcap? Let me know what you think.Wade had always had a thing for players from the West. After all, growing up on a preteen hub farm pedo preteen movies in preteen petite girls Saskatchewan, Redden knew what all the long hours doing farm chores preteen nymphets top100 would do for a hockey russian preteen binaries player's physique. That was why he and Chris Phillips spent their first night on the team together in Ottawa in their hotel room, with Redden's hard 9-inch cock rammed deep inside Phillips' tight defenseman ass. He also knew from having seen him before that Jamie Lundmark had the most fuckable ass he'd seen in a long time. He quickly fired off latin preteens toplist a reply to Lundmark's message:Message legal preteen videos (wredden6 to Lundy26NYR) / Re: Wanna fuck a Ranger?I'll never turn down an offer like that from a hxxp nude preteen Western boy. Trust me, with my Senator dick preteensex hardcore fucking your Ranger ass, you'll wish you sent this much, much earlier. Give me your address and I'll set everything up with you for Friday.As Redden hit the send button on the message, he could only stare at Lundmark's message and smile to himself. "Fuck, preteen gymnastic pics this is too easy," Redden thought to himself. "Now I've got guys messaging me to get a piece of my big dick. I love the NHL!"-----Redden and Lundmark exchanged phone calls over the next week until they had the evening at Jamie's condo arranged. Redden could tell how excited and nervous Lundmark was over the whole thing. preteen angels art He even wondered to himself if Lundmark really knew what he was getting himself into, but the thought of drilling Jamie's tight ass brought him back to the reality of the situation. He knew that Jamie wouldn't have sent the message if he didn't want to do this, and preteen handjob pic he was going to make sure that it would be a night that Lundmark would never forget.-----"OK, Philly, I'm going out for a bit." Redden told his samples preteens art roommate Phillips, as he picked up the spare preteen breast implants room key from movie free preteens the dresser. "I told Jacques that I was going to visit relatives, and that I'd be back late. He's fine with it, so don't wait up for me. See ya!""Yeah, Reds, I'm sure you're going to visit relatives. Not wearing your peel-off jeans and skin-tight tee with that leather hot preteen candid jacket, you're not. What, you find a nice piece of ass tonight?""Wouldn't you like to know, Chris? Yeah, I did, as a matter of fact, and my hard pthc preteen board dick will be in his ass within the hour.""Yeah, Reds, and leave me here in the preteens art legal hotel having to listen to Marty and Hossa next door! You are so dead when you get back.""Uh huh, Chris, I'm sure you'll forget all about it the next preteen toplist 16 time my dick is in your ass, won't you? See you later!"Redden left the hotel and caught a cab towards Central Park. After arriving at Jamie's building, he entered the door code to preteen boys naturism access the building and took the elevator to swimsuit preteen japan Lundmark's penthouse condo. With a quick rap on the door, the night was ready to sexy preteen cum begin."Hey, Reds, I'll be there in a sec. Door's open; come on in." Lundmark yelled through the closed door. Redden showed himself through the front door and waited in the entranceway. Lundmark stuck his cgi bbs preteen head around pink preteens xxx the corner of the hallway. "Sorry, I'm preteen model empire not quite ready. Just got out of the shower. Let me just get ready.""Don't bother, Lundy." Redden shouted down the hallway to Jamie. "I'm sure you're just fine the way you are."The sight that greeted Redden as Lundmark came around the corner was breathtaking. Lundmark stood before the Senator stud with a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair shy preteen nude dripping water down his smooth chest."Fuck," Redden gasped, "Is this how you greet all of your guests, or just the ones whose big dick you want?""I didn't expect you over this early, Reds. Like I said, I just stepped out of the shower. I thought I had another half hour or so.""Yeah, right, Lundy. You wanted preteen 16 porn to show off preteen teen forums your nicest preteen tit tight body to me, didn't you? Well, considering it was YOU that wanted me over here tonight, I think you're dressed just fine for me. In fact, I think you're overdressed. Let me take care of that." Redden grabbed the towel from Lundmark's waist and tossed it to the floor. The Ranger stud now stood before Redden completely naked; Lundmark's dick came to life, growing to its full 8-inch length. Wade stood there for a moment and took in the complete picture before him. Lundmark was one hot stud. Redden stared at Lundmark's cute, wet face, and traced his way to his smooth, ripped chest. Lundmark's chest was well developed from years of hockey, and recently, from weights. The definition preteens nonnudes preteen vicky galleries in Lundmark's chest muscles was as sharp as a knife, with six-pack abs that absolutely stood out on his body. Wade's gaze turned downward to the light trail of hair running preteen girl dressing from Lundmark's stomach to his rock hard cock. Jamie's cock was starting to drip precum and stood straight out from his body, begging for Redden's attention."Oh, man," Redden said quietly, "I figured preteen 12yotoplist you had a hot bod, but I didn't realize that you would be this fucking hot! I'm so going to love shoving my huge Senator dick into your tight ass."Redden nasty young preteens took off his leather model preteen russia coat and walked gay preteen activity asian preteen hot Lundmark over to the living room couch. Wade pushed Jamie onto the couch and began sucking Lundmark's hard dick. The precum dripping from preteen poohnany hussyfan Lundmark's preteen seduction pics stiff cock combined with the saliva from Wade's mouth to get Jamie's dick good and wet."Oh, fuck, Reds, you sure know how to suck a cock. Fuck, dude, your mouth is so fucking hot. Yeah, cutest preteen models suck my dick." teen nudists preteens Lundmark was writhing from the feelings shooting through his body. Redden knew what he was doing to asian preteen sexy Jamie, and figured now was the best time to get to where he wanted. He took his mouth off of preteen porno xxx Lundmark's cock, now glistening in the light being preteen sexy kinder cast in the room, and flipped him over on the couch, so that Lundmark's tight ass was accessible. Redden heard a gasp from Lundmark as gallery preteens pedo he pried apart Jamie's cheeks and began to tongue his fuck hole."Oh my fucking god, that feels so fucking amazing. Don't stop, Reds. Yeah, work my ass, I need your hard cock in my ass." Redden stood up from Lundmark's ass long topless fresh preteen enough to free his rock hard cock from his tight jeans and removed the rest of his clothes. Moving forbiden tiny preteen back to the couch, Wade started kneading Lundmark's ass schock preteen cheeks with his hands, moving his fingers back and forth across Jamie's hole teasingly. Redden slowly started pushing his index finger into Lundmark's unyielding hole. He little preteen pussys thought to himself, "Man, is Jamie ever fucking tight. This is going to feel cute preteens posing so fucking amazing, just like Chris' first time." Eventually, Wade was able to loosen Lundmark's hole enough to take three fingers. Redden figured that Jamie was ready to take his huge Senator cock."OK, Lundy, suck my big cock. Get it good and hard for what you want it for. You model preteen art want this? Show stella pre teen me how bad you want this." Redden stood in front of Lundmark with his 9-inch cock pointing directly at Lundmark's mouth. Lundmark pre preteen pussy paused for a moment to take a good look at Redden's naturalist preteen bbs nude body. Jamie had always loved the look of Redden's youthful face. He gazed at Wade's smooth chest and arms, and while Wade didn't have the sharp definition of Jamie's body, he was still impressed with how solid Wade's upper body was without an ounce of fat. He also noticed Wade's beauty trail of hair from his stomach to his hard cock. Wade's hymen sex preteen cut cock was a picture of beauty, rising from the thick patch of dark hair at the base to it's full 9-inch length. But, what impressed Lundmark the most was the size of Redden's legs. Lundmark had always loved the look of good, strong legs, which Redden possessed. The very light covering of preteen pubescent nudes dark hair on both legs seemed to highlight the size and definition of his strong legs. Lundmark's already hard cock strained to grow further at the excitement of the hockey god standing in front of him, offering his stiff cock to Jamie.Lundmark rose on the couch to gain better access to Redden's monster dick. youngest preteens Wade moaned as Lundmark took his cock into his mouth and began to slowly lick Redden's soft cock head. Jamie would start licking down Wade's shaft on one preteen forbidden stories side, then stop and go back up the shaft and tease his sensitive head."Yeah, Lundy, suck my cock. Yeah, babe, that's the way. Oh yeah." Redden moaned his encouragement to Lundmark as he took more and more of his stiff cock in his mouth. Meanwhile, Wade continued forum nude preteen to use his fingers to loosen up Jamie's hole. Lundmark was able to take the entire length of Wade's hard cock, preteens movies tgp and give Wade's cock nasty young preteen and balls a good tongue bath. Even Phillips had never done this for him, and Wade was enjoying all the attention that Lundmark was paying to his cum-filled balls and hard dick. Lundmark grabbed a hold of Redden's thick legs to balance himself while he sucked Wade's cock. Lundmark couldn't help but little preteen fashion feel Wade's well-developed thighs, and know speedo preteen that they came from years of working on preteen nude love the farm. Jamie started to massage Wade's pantyhose preteens pics thighs while he worked his cock in and out of his mouth. Redden had to be enjoying this, since he was starting to get into it by fucking movies preteens fisting Lundmark's mouth in the same rhythm as Jamie's sucking. Jamie leaned forward on the couch and nude art preteen moved his hands from Wade's thighs to his tight ass. Lundmark squeezed Wade's cheeks with his hands gay preteen ass and was amazed at how fucking firm and smooth they were. Wade knew what Lundmark was doing, and he didn't mind, especially since he felt that the best part of his own body was his ass. All of the squat exercises he would do were specifically to work on his legs and ass, and the hard work had paid dividends."Oh fuck, Lundy. Even Chris hasn't made me feel this way. This is xxx preteen mpegs so fucking awesome. I think you're ready for a good fucking. Just relax, and soon you'll get what you wanted in the first place." Redden said to Lundmark, giving him porno de preteens a good slap on the ass."Oh yeah, Reds, I need your dick in my ass."Those were the words that Redden wanted to hear. Redden little young preteenporn hopped school girls preteens onto the couch, resting his weight on Lundmark's legs. He directed secret preteen porn his rock-hard dick to Lundmark's hole and started to push his cock inside. Lundmark couldn't have been ready super preteen boys for the massive intrusion into his hole."Ow! Oh Fuck!" Lundmark screamed into the pillow he had grabbed onto when Redden began preteen elite tortur preteen pushing his hard cock into his ass."You OK, Lundy?" Redden asked with a genuine sound pre teens virgin of concern, as he mussed the hair on thee back of Lundmark's head. "You'll be fine once I get completely inside you.""Fuck, 13 preteen oh, fuck." Lundmark was moaning into the pillow as he tried to get used to Redden's huge cock going into his ass. "I can take it, Reds, I need your cock."Lundmark let out a yell into the pillow as Redden finally managed bbs preteens sites to push his entire length into Jamie's tight hole."You are so fucking tight, Lundy. You haven't done this before, have you?""Not like this, Reds. Stoll and I shared a room at the Juniors and fooled around, but we never fucked. Actually, it's not too bad now. Please fuck me, Reds."Redden, now comfortable that Lundmark wasn't hurting and was used to his cock in his ass, started to slowly pull out his hard dick and push back in. Lundmark's ass was so tight that it felt lollita preteen nude like a vice grip on Wade's cock; a feeling he hadn't felt since the first night with Phillips."Oh man, Lundy, you are so fucking tight. You have no idea what you're doing to me right now.""Yeah, Reds, feels fucking good. Yeah, pound my ass; fuck me real good!" Lundmark's yells were now from passion instead of pain. Jamie's yells only served to intensify Redden's fucking, which had now sped up to a consistent rhythm. The sounds of Lundmark's moans blended with the dull slap of Redden's balls against Jamie's ass."Oh, fuck, Lundy. Hang on a sec; I want to see your face when I shoot my fucking load into your ass." In one simple move, Redden flipped Lundmark over on the couch, lifted Jamie's legs onto his shoulders and promptly went back to pounding Lundmark's tight Ranger ass. Lundmark's cock, which had been unattended for so long, was leaking a river of precum onto his stomach. Redden looked down at the glistening sheen of sweat formed on Lundmark's chest, and started driving his cock into his chelsea preteen ass with more and more passion."Oh yeah, Lundy. Ready to shoot my load preteen topless pic in nonude preteen female your ass, babe. Yeah, fucking going to blast inside you. Oh, Fuck!" top nudist preteen Redden growled as the massive load of cum shot from his hard dick and blasted the inside of Lundmark's ass. Lundmark could teen young preteen feel every twitch from the blasts of Redden's cock, as his own stiff dick started spurting on its own. Strings of creamy cum strung across Lundmark's chest from his cock while Redden unloaded into his ass."Fucking real preteen candids awesome, Reds; fucking awesome." Lundmark panted as the two hockey studs collapsed into a pile on the couch. Redden gave Lundmark a 'great job' pat on the pics preteen naked top of his head as he ran his fingers through Lundmark's sweat-soaked hair."Well, Lundy, you ukranian preteens bbs got what you wanted, and I loved giving it to you. Promise me you'll give me a innocent russian preteen call when you're in Ottawa and we'll do this again. Next time, I'll even invite home preteen video Chris Phillips to join us.""For sure, Reds." The smile on Lundmark's face told pics model preteens Redden everything he needed to know. Redden knew that they would meet up again very soon, and that it would be something cute preteens fkk that even Phillips would never forget.=====Feedback is appreciated, so please feel free to send any comments, suggestions or ideas (good and bad) to my at Thanks!
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